The Myth of ‘White Privilege’

Check Your Privilege copyTo be white in America has often been a privileged status, and an honest examination of our nation’s turbulent history of race relations clearly demonstrates this. African Americans were oppressed under the brutal system of chattel slavery, which was brought to an end in the bloody Civil War. Although this system of slavery was ultimately overcome by warfare, it did not follow that it was all roses and rainbows afterwards. Black Americans were subject to violent persecution for roughly another 100 years until various judicial decisions and acts of legislation reached a legal culmination of moral justice. Indeed, to be black in America has been a much different experience than it has been to be white.

This accurate historical narrative, however, has morphed into something that is a roadblock for contemporary race relations – the philosophical theory of “white privilege.”

One of my first philosophy courses, Racism and Sexism, taught that the problems of society can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the white, heterosexual, masculine, middle to upper class, Christian, male. If you possessed any of these qualities, you were to blame for everything evil in the world, especially the racist, sexist, and bigoted American culture. To possess any or all of these attributes implies that you are a physical embodiment of oppression. Throughout the duration of this course I realized that I was really out of luck, since many of these labels – white, heterosexual, masculine, middle class, and male – could be used to describe me. In fact, I was often referenced during class as the quintessential male, and the fountainhead of our contemporary social ills. It was awkward to say the least. At the end of the course, I asked something like this – “Throughout the semester we have learned that the evil in society has a source. This source can be found in the attributes of ‘whiteness.’ Since I possess these qualities or characteristics of ‘whiteness,’ what am I supposed to do if my mere existence causes psychological pain, induces the status of oppression against minorities, and actualizes severe economic inequality? It would seem that to make the world a better place I should just kill myself. Why is this not the proper course of action?” The question needed to be asked, because it wasn’t my actions that realized these social evils, it was my very existence. To exist with these attributes is to be an oppressor.

After hearing my statement, there was a dramatic gasp followed by the retort,”Oh no! We don’t want you to do that!”

Well, what was it that my progressive liberal professor wanted me to get out of the course? The goal was, allegedly, to make me aware of the fact that society and all therein bows down to my very existence. That it is my responsibility to recognize the damage ‘white privilege’ has caused in the world, and to participate in the predetermined arc of history called social justice. My mission, now that I had acquired this new knowledge, was to quite literally hate myself for the sake of egalitarianism. The only cure for my crime of being born is to fully adopt the progressive worldview and champion their idealizations.

But I don’t hate myself for any of these things. I do not apologize for who I am and what I believe. This alone makes me an enemy of “progress.” Feigned self-loathing coupled with a robust sense of moral superiority are the hallmarks of contemporary progressive ideology.

The aim of progressive liberalism is to inflict unearned guilt upon critical thinking dissidents. Secular Progressives demand acquiescence. If this does not occur, prepare to be bludgeoned with a calculated and vindictive smear campaign. Progressives have an unearned sense of moral superiority, and it is directly linked to their acceptance of the mystically imposed forms of oppression. They are morally superior because they are able to recognize, so they claim, the racist code language used by those who are privileged. They feel they are justified in looking down their noses at the common patriotic American because they, the enlightened progressive, recognize that the manifestations of evil in the world are not found in communism, fascism, or any other murderous tyrannical ideology. No, ‘white privilege’ is the genesis of evil, and only they can see it due to their secret progressive decoder ring awarded to them upon finishing Sociology 101. This makes them superior. Never mind that progressives will rarely lift a finger to actually help people in real oppression or poverty; they are much more comfortable voting into office politicians that will implement their progressive virtues through political manipulation and bureaucratic mandate.

Is this not the Bernie Sanders campaign in a nutshell? Is this not the method of Mrs. Clinton?

The very idea of “white privilege” of this sort, is a ridiculous hoax perpetuated throughout the country by our progressive manufacturing plants called Universities. And here is the most beautiful thing about the “white privilege” theory; if you disagree with it you are only proving that you are privileged! This is nothing more than Marxist class warfare flying under a different banner. For the millennial secular progressive, simply shouting, “Your a f*****g white male!” constitutes an argument that is beyond refutation.

This is the realization of political Gnosticism.

The only thing to do against a theory like this is to expose it for the vile garbage that it is.


– Lucas G. Westman

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