Culture, Politics

A Collapsing Civilization

Burning RomeWe are witnessing Western Civilization collapse into the age of nihilism. No truth is worthy of proclamation unless it is “my truth.” No value is worth defending unless it is “my value.” All traditional inheritance is considered restrictive and oppressive. The advance of technological sophistication has created the illusion of progress.

Nihilism is all that is left when Christendom has been systematically dismantled.

This reality, however depressing it may seem, is actually presenting a great opportunity. The Church thrives in times of societal crisis. Christendom was built following the collapse of the Roman Empire, and a new Christendom will follow the collapse of the nihilistic empire consuming the West.

What this new Christendom looks like, however, depends on the health of the Church, which may need to shrink to a newly invigorated remnant of believers. What needs to take place in the Catholic Church is a cleansing of the temple.

It is my view that the current condition of the Catholic Church is that of an insecure teenager seeking to be liked by a culture that despises her true identity. The true identity of the Church is the Body of Christ proclaiming the Gospel message of repentance, regeneration, and salvation.

In order to rebuild society, Catholic Church must remember her identity as the Church Militant, not the Church ecumenical.


– Lucas G. Westman


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