The Supreme Court and the Culture of Death

Culture of Death ImageToday’s SCOTUS ruling striking down Texas laws regulating abortion facilities highlights, once again, the fact that we are governed by the unwritten common law constitution of the culture, rather than by any codified written text (at least concerning moral issues). If you roam the Internet you will find progressives talking about how this decision upholds a woman’s constitutionally protected right to “safe” abortions.

This is absurd. Nowhere in the constitution does it speak of a “right to a safe abortion.” Additionally, this alleged right is not a derivative right that can be maintained even under the invented penumbra of privacy. The “right” to end the life of the unborn rests upon the flimsiest of moral pretenses that it can only survive according to the rhetorical weight of progressive mantra. Even a moment’s reflection upon any reasonable formulation of the moral order recognizes the dubious claims of a so-called right to end innocent life.

From Roe onward this illegitimate precedent has survived because of the depravity of our culture and cowardly political opposition. The institutionalization of secular progressive ideals all but guarantees the continuation of this unwritten constitutional order.

The secular progressive culture is upheld and maintained by a cult-like commitment to death. This cultish mindset doesn’t only include those who are members of the current Democratic Party. The cult of death can also find its Jacobin presence within the mainstream foreign policy of the G.O.P.

We live in a country that accepts, as a primary governing principle in both foreign and domestic policy, the centrality of killing human persons. Both mainstream parties are committed to the centrality of death. And before someone says I should support the libertarians, take a look at the party platform concerning abortion. They are just as committed to violence against the innocent unborn child as the progressives they claim to oppose.

The Gospel of life is all that can cure a culture of death.


– Lucas G. Westman


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