Wolfgang Smith – The Lie of the Mechanistic Worldview

Wolfgang Smith Quote About Newton

“It is easy to see that there could be no such thing as spiritual life in a mechanical universe, because in such a universe there could in fact be no life at all: not even an ameba could exist in a Newtonian world! And why not? For the simple reason that no living organism is reducible to the sum of its parts. This fact has been well understood by philosophers at least since the time of Aristotle, and is being rediscovered and reemphasized today by some leading biologists. Traditional cosmologies, on the other hand, refer – not to some philosophical abstraction or scientific ‘model’ – but to the authentic cosmos, the world in which we find ourselves, which not only serves as a habitat to plants and animals, but houses artists and poets, mystics and saints as well. Now, so far from constituting a mechanical system, the authentic universe constitutes in truth a theophany: a manifestation of what the Vedas term nama, Plato terms ideas, and St. Paul ‘the invisible things of God’ – not forgetting that to the pure in heart it mirrors ‘even His eternal power and Godhead.’  There could be no greater disparity between the cosmos, as traditionally perceived, and a Newtonian world: the two, it turns out, are not merely incompatible, but indeed antithetical. Thus, whereas the former exceeds what we are able to grasp by virtue of its inexhaustible fullness, the latter eludes our grasp on account of its emptiness, an indigence which literally defies imagination: for it must not be forgotten that the Newtonian world is perforce bereft of all qualities, beginning with color, and is consequently imperceptible. It constitutes a world (if such it may still be called) which can be neither seen nor imagined, and which consequently does not in truth answer to a ‘worldview’ at all: whatever the scientistically indoctrinated public images the universe to be deviates ipso facto from the scientific contention. As is in fact the case with all doctrine of an asuric kind, the mechanistic worldview constitutes, finally, a lie.”

Wolfgang Smith, Science and Myth –


– Lucas G. Westman

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