The Illusion of Political Choice

American Flag GlassAmerican politics is secular in nature. Any mention of a specific religion is to pander for votes. However, the claim that secular politics or the secular state is without religion is entirely incorrect. We are currently ruled by a two party system where one party honors the state as God and the economic system of socialism as its liturgical rite; the other party honors the state as God, believes the constitution is inspired holy writ, and treats unilateral warfare in the name of “American greatness” as its liturgical rite. These differences end up being quite negligible in the long run, because all that truly matters for the ruling class is the retention of power, and that the state is enshrined in the false secular religion of Americanism.

Keep this in mind as our two ruling political parties try to destroy each other during the primary election.


– Lucas G. Westman

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