Good Without God?

Good Without God?When it is said that morality does not “come from religion,” but comes from us, that it is a human artifact, so to speak, an underlying misunderstanding is taking place. Moreover, I am unaware of a serious “religious” thinker that has denied the human aspect of morality.

The Catholic perspective is that morality is associated with our human nature which is grounded in our very being, and that this “groundedness” is received from another, namely the Being who is being itself or the “I AM WHO I AM.” Morality, then, is indeed discovered “in us” but when an internal discovery of this magnitude is found the human person immediately recognizes that their soul is participating in something that is infinite and necessary, rather than finite and contingent.  It follows then, that because we are not the source of our own existence and being, the moral code we discover by nature and revelation is also not our own making.

So the claim that morality is not “religious” but human is to misunderstand what is meant by the religious grounding of our being and source of morality.


– Lucas G. Westman

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