The Blessed Mother and Spiritual Warfare

the-blessed-mother-defeats-the-devilThese passages are taken from Saint Louis de Montfort’s, True Devotion to Mary:

  1. “In the struggle against Satan.
  1. It is principally of these last and cruel persecutions of the devil, which shall go on increasing daily till the reign of Antichrist, that we ought to understand that first and celebrated prediction and curse of God pronounced in the terrestrial paradise against the serpent. It is to our purpose to explain this here for the glory of the most holy Virgin, for the salvation of her children and for the confusion of the devil: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman and they seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Gen 3:15)
  1. God has never made and formed but one enmity: but it is an irreconcilable one, which shall endure and grow even to the end. It is between Mary, His worthy Mother, and the devil – between the children and the servants of the Blessed Virgin, and the children and tools of Lucifer. The most terrible of all the enemies which God has set up against the devil is His holy Mother Mary. He has inspired her, even since the days of the earthly paradise – though she existed then only in His idea – with so much hatred against that cursed enemy of God, with so much ingenuity in unveiling the malice of that ancient serpent, with so much power to conquer, to overthrow and to crush that proud, impious rebel, that he fears her not only more than all angels and men, but in a sense more than God himself. Not that the anger, or hatred and the power of God are not infinitely greater than those of the Blessed Virgin, for the perfections of Mary are unlimited; but first, because Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more from being beaten and punished by a little and humble handmaid of God, and her humility humbles him more than the divine power; and secondly, because God has given Mary such great powers against the devils that – as they have often been obliged to confess, in spite of themselves, by the mouths of the possessed – they fear one of her sighs for a soul more than the prayers of all the sainthe-blessed-mother-the-new-evets, and one of her threats against them more than all other torments.
  1. What Lucifer has lost by pride, Mary has gained by humility. What Eve has damned and lost by disobedience, Mary has saved by obedience. Eve, in obeying the serpent, has destroyed all her children together with herself, and has delivered them to him; Mary, in being perfectly faithful to God, has saved all her children and servants together with herself, and has consecrated them to His Majesty.”


– Saint Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary –


– Lucas G. Westman

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