The Catholic Case For Donald Trump – Part VI – Round Up Of The Best Arguments

les-deplorablesThe election cycle is coming to an end. It has been a very long year, and I look forward to its closing. I have no predictions on who is going to win the presidency. Either way, whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the political battles will only get more heated.

One thing that has become completely undeniable is that America’s political system is utterly corrupt. Moreover, the media has demonstrated itself to be entirely uninterested in doing serious journalism while being transparently committed to the advancement of the secular progressive ideology no matter the depravity of the Democratic Party’s candidate for the executive office.

It took me a long time to decide if I was even going to vote, let alone support a candidate such as Donal Trump. Over the last couple of months, two things pushed me to support the Trump ticket. First, it was the revelation that the Clinton political machine and her closest tacticians are actively seeking to influence the Catholic Church away from her teachings through infiltration and corruption; to initiate a “Catholic Spring.” Second, Donald Trump’s performance in the third and final debate gave me something of substance to actually consider. These two events, in conjunction with the fact that no third party has a realistic shot at defeating Hillary Clinton, has convinced me to support Donald Trump. Do I think Donald Trump is a perfect candidate that will save America? No I do not. But he is standing in the way of Hillary Clinton’s political agenda, and that is worth taking seriously at the voting booth. In addition to this, Trump’s platform is simply better than Hillary Clinton’s. Trump’s policies on protecting the life of the unborn, his potential Supreme Court appointments, his economic views of lowering taxes and protecting American jobs, and his foreign policy are all categorically better than Clinton’s globalist liberal commitments.

Will my vote count for something? Maybe. Maybe not. But if my vote could potentially contribute to stopping a Hillary Clinton presidency, then I need to cast my ballot and hope for the best.

Which brings me to my one true hope, and that is in Christ the King. No matter the outcome of the election, the mission of the Church Militant moves forward. No matter what the obstacles are, Christ has given us his Great Commission to baptize the nations. That is our primary mission. May God grant us protection and peace in a world full of evil and turmoil.

Here are the best arguments for a Donald Trump presidency:

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Limiting Evil With the Saints

– Pat Buchanan Articles –

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A Presidency From Hell?

An Establishment in Panic

How the System is “Rigged” 

Anti-Catholics and Elitist Bigotry

In Syria, Fight ISIS — Not Russia

Trump’s Right on Trade Predators


– Lucas G. Westman

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