Saint Augustine on Beatitude & Goodness

saint-augustine-on-illumination“The striving after God is therefore the desire of beatitude; the attainment of God is beatitude itself. We seek to attain God by loving Him; we attain to Him, not by becoming entirely what He is, but in nearness to Him, and in wonderful and sensible contact with Him, and in being inwardly illuminated and occupied by His truth and holiness. He is light itself; it is given to us to be illuminated by that light.”


“Let therefore the rational soul in its mutable nature take the warning that without participation in the immutable good it is impossible for it to attain justice, salvation, beatitude, and that of its on volition it will find not the good but the evil. Indeed left to itself it is turned away from the immutable good, and that turning away it is corrupted. Nor can it of itself be made whole but only by the gratuitous mercy of its Creator, which makes it live by faith in this life and establishes it in the hope of eternal salvation.”

– Saint Augustine-

– Lucas G. Westman

NOTE: Both quotations were taken from Erich Przywara’s book, An Augustine Synthesis.

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