Truth Requires Spiritual Warfare

saint-george-and-the-dragonThe post-presidential election events are teaching us a valuable lesson in spiritual warfare – there is no down time for proclaiming and protecting truth against radicals and revolutionaries.

This includes the political arena.

The misguided, feverish, and unconstrained narrative of the progressive left ignores every boundary of decency within the context of their ideological fanaticism. The extreme level of hysteria and discord they are willing to sow in order to institute their Utopian hell on earth is unyielding. There is no lie that will not be shouted, no sin that will not be committed, no vice that will not be championed, and there is no bottom to the depravity they are willing to plunge to shame, smear, and violently attack those who stand in the way of progressive militancy.

The secular progressive left will not quit in their pursuit of destroying truth, beauty, and goodness. They relentlessly attack these pillars of the created communal order so that they might tyrannically implement an egalitarian agenda that can never be actualized.  Progressives fail to realize it’s not that the common man has ignorantly rejected their own interests when voting against Jacobin egalitarianism at the ballot box; it is the fact that reality itself has empirically demonstrated this form of “equality” to be a monstrous lie.

It is important to remember that America is not divided because of political policy. The current potests are only a symptom of the societal disease. The root cause of communal division is the institutionalization of sin and vice, which infectiously spreads social discord and riotous protests.

A society that disdains the name of God ultimately rejects the grace of God, and a graceless society can have no unity. It is as simple as that.

The only way in which to heal a land so divided is to bring people to the foot of the cross. The Gospel is not just for individuals in their pursuit of the beatific vision, it is the message that gathers a people to Christ, which results in a new communal order, organized around God, Christ, and his meritorious salvific grace. The regenerative effects of the baptismal waters creates a new creature living within a social context, we ought to consider how this newness should immediately affect our communities.

Additionally, the Great Commission makes no room for the realm of secularist divisions of reality. There is no such thing as “neutrality” in a world created by the Triune God. Christ is all and in all. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ the King.

If there is a breath in our lungs, then God has granted us another day to do battle against the enemy.


– Lucas G. Westman

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