Hades and the Devil Have Been Pillaged


“Hades and the Devil have been pillaged, stripped of their ancient armor, robbed of their special power. And just as the giant Goliath had his head cut off with his own sword, so also has the Devil, the father of death, been put to rout through the death of Christ. He finds that the very same weapon he used to wield as the ready tool of his deceit has now become the mighty instrument of his own destruction.

We might put it this way: The Devil went fishing and cast his line and hook to catch yet another man in death. But the man he caught this time was Christ, whose divine nature was hidden within his human nature.

So this time, the Devil himself was baited: When he hooked Christ’s human nature, he himself was hooked by Christ’s divine nature. The Devil thought he was the fisherman, but instead he became the catch.

For this reason, the martyrs leap upon the head of the dragon the Devil, and look with disdain on every kind of torment.”

– Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus –

– Lucas G. Westman

  • This quote is found in Paul Thigpen’s, Manual for Spiritual Warfare

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