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Senator Rubio’s Politically Motivated Grandstanding

america-first-or-imperial-by-designThe political maneuvering among those who seek to maintain a dwindling unilateral military hegemony approach to international affairs is disgraceful. Senator Marco Rubio’s attempt to pressure Rex Tillerson to proclaim Putin a war criminal has nothing to do with sound foreign policy or American national security; it is motivated to undermine the potential changes the coming Trump administration looks to enact in the foreign policy arena. Senator Rubio seeks to maintain the failure of our current “imperial by design” approach to international relations. This runs contrary to what Trump has advocated on behalf of for over a year.

So why did Senator Rubio press Tillerson to label Putin a war criminal? The answer is transparent; he wants to undermine any potential friendly relations between the incoming administration and the Putin regime. Senator Rubio and his other neo-Jacobin cohorts (Senators Graham and McCain) desperately seek a second Cold War with Russia. Why is making Russia an enemy so important for these individuals? The only reason is for the ongoing maintenance of American military hegemony in global affairs.

Another thing that was distressing about Senator Rubio’s politically motivated interrogation were the facts he referenced to label Putin a war criminal. Maybe a better way to put it is the argument he used surrounding the facts he referenced. Let’s say that the Senator is correct, and that Putin deserves denunciation according to the targeting of civilians during war. Let’s just say this is beyond dispute. If this were the case, then the U.S. record of foreign intervention is just as culpable for such a charge. If we are going to talk about targeting civilians; I have two cities for you – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We can also discuss the targeting of Southern civilians during the American Civil War, our fire bombing of Dresden, our fire bombing of Japan before we dropped the nukes, the entire operational strategy of the war in Vietnam, our policy towards the Middle East for the last 40 years, bombing and invading Iraq, the drone program, and on we go. If the killing of civilians is going to be the measure of a war criminal, the American government must remove the plank from their own eye when enacting a foreign policy strategy.

If the response to political realism and military historical fact is to throw around platitudes then sound, consistent, moral philosophy has been replaced with ideological sound bites.


– Lucas G. Westman


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