The Rejection of God & Cultural Decay

A primary contributor to our current social and cultural sickness is the recognition and institutionalization of a false understanding of the human person. The dominant narrative for understanding human psychology is based on the fallacious naturalistic and mechanized reduction of the human person to the biochemical processes of Neo-Darwinian evolution. This understanding forgoes formal and final causation in nature, which institutes recognition of only material and efficient causation. The logical conclusion of this world picture, coupled with a Zarathustrian rejection of theology and metaphysics, is the notion that an “ought” cannot be derived from an “is”. The outcome for such an understanding of reality and the human person is the creation of an anthropology that legitimizes the unhealthy status of disconnection from God. Which in turn results in the acceptance of delusion rather than true mental health.

The brokenness of society is couched in the systematic undermining of the truth that human persons are created in the image and likeness of God.


“Let’s take a hard look at the state of society – at broken families, mothers or fathers raising their children alone, and at the young people with deep emotional and spiritual wounds. Let’s also look at the pornography addicts, at the millions of sexual abusers of children, at the millions of aborted babies, and at our own path through life. If we ask teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and youth service workers, it appears we should avoid this kind of happiness like the plague. We claim that youth is the happiest time of life, but we are creating a society in which there are fewer and fewer laughing children and more and more depressed elderly men and women.

All of this is plain as day. The causes are researched and discussed, but one cause – perhaps the most important – is shrouded behind taboo: the deregulation of sexual norms now shaping society. Because these norms are part of society’s ‘operating system,’ every society protects sexual norms with social and legal penalties. While monogamy once was the standard, now it’s the permissiveness of hedonism and sexual promiscuity that the law is forcing through under the banner of equality and non-discrimination.”

– Gabrielle Kuby, The Global Sexual Revolution – 

– Lucas G. Westman

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