The Election of Donald Trump & the Death of Movement Conservatism

les-deplorablesI have done quite a few posts highlighting the inclination of the progressive left to double down on their ongoing list of vilifications for those in disagreement with their politics and policies. Several decades of smearing their opposition as racists, sexists, homophobes, bigots, etc. utterly failed in this election cycle. To be sure, this is not slowing down progressives from a continuation in utilizing this pathetically mindless tactic; they are moving further into their radicalization, therefore fortifying the vitriolic mantras accompanying the delivery of their political message. All the evidence you need of this is the recent March for Women, where the profanity-laden nastiness of the protesters was apparent for all to see and hear.

In addition to this, there is something important that is not really being highlighted next to the failure of the progressive narrative, and that is the failure of the narrative constructed by movement conservatives. Donald Trump not only crushed the established progressive vanguard, but he also thoroughly exposed the flaccid, trite, puerile, and morally bankrupt message of movement conservatism. The “Never Trump” crowd did whatever they could to get a “conservative” elected, throwing everything they had behind Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz. In fact, Senator Cruz was anointed the second coming of Ronald Reagan, a staunch constitutionalist, and the most rhetorically gifted conservative since William F. Buckley.

Everyone kept saying that once the republican race shrunk down to a few people, Trump’s lead would evaporate, resulting in a conservative renaissance. The one who was anointed by Glenn Beck, Senator Cruz, would inevitably emerge victorious. The prophetic vision of Beck, however, was a grandiose illusion. Senator Cruz lost in just as devastating fashion as Mrs. Clinton. Pathetic maneuvers such as preemptively naming Carly Fiorina as the V.P. candidate could not convince people to side with the “conservative” message of Senator Cruz.

The famous purges of the National Review failed.

The special selections of the Weekly Standard failed.

The influence of “The Great One”, Mark Levin failed ( who I will now identify as the “false one”).

Donald Trump, however, did not fail.

What are movement conservatives doing now that they suffered a loss just as substantial as the progressives? Are they taking time to reassess their monumental failure? Are they attempting to objectively evaluate how it is that their crafted narrative, and groomed politicians were unable to slow down and defeat the Trump train?

They are doing nothing of the sort.

Movement conservatives are sticking to their failed message in the face of a reality that has utterly spurned their ideas.

Moreover, the conservative talking points that led to their defeat are also being repeated in only a louder, more annoying demeanor. For example, the “anything that disagrees with my economics 101 slogans is clearly socialism” has gained new traction. Similar to the desperate idea of “fake news”, we are seeing the development of an anxious label for tariffs – “targeted socialism.” I have already exposed the total hypocrisy behind contemporary criticism of tariffs being “left wing economics” or even worse “national socialism”, but it is remarkable how much history is being ignored to make such dishonest claims. It is one thing to oppose a tax on goods; it is another thing to pretend that they are leftwing socialist ideals. If this is the case, many champions of American history conservatives allegedly look up to were national socialist kooks pursuing economic policies that can be linked to “targeted socialism.” This is ideology at its finest, and has absolutely nothing to do with the political realities of American history.

In order to oppose the newly inaugurated president, and frantically cling to political relevancy, movement conservatism has stooped to new lows in dishonesty. They aren’t even trying to be objective at this point; they are flat out lying to their followers.

Another area they are being dishonest is in the foreign policy arena. To be a card-carrying member of the conservative movement, one must take on one of two positions; the fallacious and heretical dispensational eschatology of American evangelical Christianity, or a secularly informed allegiance to AIPAC talking points. If you adhere to either one of these two positions, or maybe follow both, you will be on your way to a level of foreign policy discourse that borders on the level of delusion, but in return, you will be considered a good and obedient movement conservative.

I have been very hard on progressive ideology for their demagoguery and dishonesty. It is time to call out the movement conservatives for the same attributes. To be a movement conservative is to be an ideologue committed to the same tactics of demagoguery and demonization.

The election of Donald Trump, for good or for ill, has exposed the dishonesty of both progressive and conservative ideology.

Traditionalists must have the fortitude to stand up to both of these poisonous factions embedded American politics.


– Lucas G. Westman

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