Neocon William Kristol: Replace White Working Class With New Americans

William Kristol is the chief architect of the 3rd generation neoconservative political ideology. His vision for America is to embody what his publication, The Weekly Standard, has called a “benevolent empire.” What this amounts to is a global, unilateral American military hegemony. Wherever there is conflict or instability, the American military ought to be utilize to maintain peace and the neoliberal world order. This vision, as grandiose and ambitious as it may seem, has been a total failure and will ultimately result in the downfall of America. The downfall won’t likely occur militarily, rather, it will be an economic collapse due to bankruptcy. Everyone not beholden to utopian ideologies always knew that it was a pipe-dream to believe that the Middle Eastern region of Muslim majority nation-states could be transformed into liberal democracies as the neoconservatives believed. And despite championing these unconstrained abstractions of a perpetually peaceful world order due to America’s international policing capacity, let us consider the fact that the neoconservative foreign policy since 9/11 has cost the American people trillions of dollars and there is nothing to show for it, not even a minimally stable region. Contrary to the AIPAC controlled talking points of every neoconservative media outlet, it isn’t Iran, Syria, or Russia that is to blame for the instability, it is U.S. foreign policy guided by these ideologically motivated watchmen desperately clinging to their credibility.

And as if it couldn’t get worse for the neoconservatives, their disastrous foreign policy can now be placed next to a contemptuous domestic policy looking to replace the white working class American with “new Americans” who aren’t lazy, decadent, and really want to work hard. This is how William Kristol describes the very people he, and both major political party establishments have turned their back on. This isn’t patriotism looking to build a great nation, this is globalist contempt for the American people.

Consider the fact that the overwhelming majority of people that enlisted to fight in the war in Iraq, risking life and limb, were the poor and middle class Americans who believed in the cause to depose Saddam Hussein and liberate Iraq. These same people are still volunteering to fight across the globe, participating in a foreign policy constructed by neocon think-tanks and publications such as The Weekly Standard. These are the people William Kristol calls decadent, lazy, and spoiled.

The condescending hatred the political establishment has for the American people is why we now have President Trump, rather than a President Clinton or President Rubio. The America first message rings truer than ever when juxtaposed with the fraudulent ideals of a globalist foreign policy and neoliberal economic theory.


– Lucas G. Westman

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