The Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment

lightning-strikes-the-vaticanThe papacy of Jorge Bergoglio has not been lacking in controversy, and during the year of 2016 Pope Francis seemed to have tipped his hand enough so that we could see the cards of his agenda. The ‘reforms’ of Pope Francis are nothing more than an unabashed commitment to modernize the Church, to which the Church Militant will be fully and finally transformed into the Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment. This is the vision and spirit of Vatican II, and it is moving forward full steam ahead.

A very good example of the Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment is the recent interview of Bishop Barron, where he falls all over himself to not offend Dave Rubin, a “gay” “married” man who directly brings up the issue of marriage. During the interaction Bishop Barron states that he would not overturn the Obergefell decision, which revoked traditional marriage laws as discriminatory. In order to justify this statement, Barron references the “Aquinas principle.” According to Barron, the Aquinas principle is an idea stating that we do not want to legislate morality to such a degree that said legislation could result in doing greater harm to the common good than not prescribing a specific moral norm into the canons of civil law.

Bishop Barron’s application of this principle is problematic to say the least.

There are a number of troubling implications concerning this outright cultural surrender of marriage to the progressive sexual revolutionaries. One implication of this argument is that it gives the impression that legally defining and protecting the traditional family unit according to divine and natural law is too much of a burden for society to handle. If the people of a specific society are overburdened by the necessary requirement of the traditional family as the primary vehicle for perpetuating the civil, moral order, then this society is already in ruins. And for a Catholic Bishop to accept such an outcome without even putting up the slightest of opposition when the question is directly posed almost as a dare, speaks uncomplimentary volumes of this new mentality embodied by the Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment.

Another troubling aspect of this capitulation is Bishop Barron’s total lack of understanding with regard to the context of the Obergefell ruling. Prior to the decision, the majority of states had roundly rejected the redefinition of marriage, and had enshrined traditional marriage in their state constitutions. The Supreme Court acted to overturn the democratic process of these states seeking to legally preserve and protect the traditional family unit. In submitting to this egregious ruling, Bishop Barron misses the fact that the court pushed onto a majority of states the legal redefinition of the most fundamental institution for preserving the civil and moral order.

And even worse, this ruling will be used to silence and suppress the very Mystical Body of Christ Bishop Barron is supposed to be serving. So rather than speaking the truth and delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the most opportune of scenarios, the Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment reared its ugly-head through one of its good servants.

Another example of this mentality is Pope Francis’s capitulation to Islam. During an inflight interview, Pope Francis compares Islamic violence to Catholic violence. Bishop Barron’s surrender under fire is disheartening, comparing Islamic violence with a non-existent violent Catholicism is offensive to the people Pope Francis is supposed to be defending and leading.

What is the Catholic violence Pope Francis is comparing to that of Islamic violence? According to the Pope, a random baptized Catholic who commits murder, for example, is no different than the systematic, organized, violent, terrorist activities of radical Islamic organizations such as ISIS. If we are going to talk about the raping and pillaging that is being done by Boko-Haram, then, according to Pope Francis, we must speak about the random baptized Catholic committing acts of violence against their neighbor. This is absurd, especially when these terrorist organizations are decimating the very Catholic cultures he ought to be defending. Instead of a vigorous defense, a healthy dose of shame is administered by comparing organized Islamic violence to that of some baptized guy on the street violating the Decalogue in a fit of sinful rage.

This is the new Church of Ecumenical Accompaniment – we must bend over backwards making sure we do not offend anyone other than our own flock of believers. This new mentality will open the gate for divorced and remarried to partake in the Eucharist, it doesn’t mind when the culture of the family is redefined according to judicial dictate, it will coddle Islam as they behead Catholics within the regional birthplace of Christianity, it says nothing when Catholic politicians support abortion, and considers the heresiarch Martin Luther to be a witness to the Gospel, all while looking at traditionalist Catholics upholding the faith with suspicion and resentment.

One way to know just how damaging this new mentality can be is based on the allies it can acquire. This hit piece against Cardinal Burke is a perfect example of how internally undermining the Catholic faith will rally the external enemies against her.

These are challenging times, but the remnant will ultimately prevail.


– Lucas G. Westman



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