3 Basic Principles of Satanism

3-basic-principles-of-satanism“Satanism is the practice of the cult, or worship, of Satan. It is necessary to say that Satanists and Satanism truly exist; they are not simply in the mind of some imaginative Hollywood director. To be precise, a Satanist is one who explicitly decides to consecrate himself – that is, to give himself, through ritual – to Satan and to enter into a sect. These cases are fairly rare: we are speaking of thousands, not millions of persons. Although they are few, they are extremely dangerous to souls. These people, who are leading a life of sin, are exclusively orientated toward themselves, and they follow the teachings of the Prince of Darkness to the letter.

Generally one distinguishes [between] a personal Satanism (or occultism) and an impersonal or rationalist Satanism. The first recognizes the personal nature of Satan, and the followers entreat, adore, and honor him as god. The second, the impersonal or rationalist, does not believe in Satan’s personal nature, that is, in the metaphysical sense; rather, they see him as a cosmic energy that is present in each man and in the world and that, when called upon, will emerge in all his power to carry out the most absurd and atrocious perversions, always connecting them to esoteric rites.

What is their objective? Satanists wish to develop this depraved form of devotion through a diffusion of the theory and practice of three basic principles: you can do all that you wish, no one has the right to command you, and you are the god of yourself. The first principle intends to confer full liberty to the adherent on everything he wishes to do, without limits. The second is the release from the principle of authority, that is, from any obligation to obey parents, the Church, the state, and whoever places restrictions in the name of the common good. The third denies all the truth that comes directly from God: paradise, the inferno, purgatory, judgment, the Ten Commandments, the precepts of the Church, Mary, and so forth.

In appearance these principles are seductive, especially for younger people, because they delude them into thinking that life is a beautiful holiday in an imaginary land of playthings, where everything is permitted and where your ‘I’ does not recognize any limits regarding pleasure and enjoyment. It is my conviction as well as my heartfelt advice to all parents – in order to help their children disdain this perspective with its destructive nature – it is necessary to educate them from an early age to cultivate a life of faith through prayer, through the Mass, and through association with the various Catholic youth clubs and other similar organizations. It is absolutely necessary to give them a sense of God and the awareness of the existence of sin and the Devil, the tempter who wishes to lead us to separation from God and therefore to death. These young people, then, when they become older, will probably have developed the right attitude toward these sects and satanic practices. I am aware that it involves a difficult form of education, but let us always remember that, because of the total absence of beautiful and good ideals, young people today are more exposed to these dangers. When faith disappears, one abandons himself to superstition and occultism.”

– Fr. Gabriel Amorth, An Exorcist Explains the Demonic


– Lucas G. Westman

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