The Left, Right, & Russia

The Left, Right, & RussiaIt is incredibly difficult to keep track of the ever-shifting political narratives making their way through the mainstream media pipeline. The always eager, ratings motivated, controversy peddlers spin stories that ebb and flow in accordance to the dictates of power politics, while the American people cannot wait to get their next fix. Indeed, the stories being fed to the populace at large have very little to do with reporting the news.

There is, however, one narrative that seems to be developing into a consistent media cudgel against the newly elected president. During the presidential election, the Democratic Party decided that they wanted to link Donald Trump to President Vladimir Putin so that the “authoritarian fascist” smear might readily stick to their opponent before election day. That tactic did not work. The Democrats lost, and they lost badly; but the narrative has only intensified. The Democratic Party, through their obedient media outlets, is now working overtime to push the fable that President Trump and President Putin are in diabolical cahoots to overthrow the glorious liberal democracy progressives claim to have bequeathed to the American people over the last century. The facts do not support this story, but pesky things like facts are irrelevant when power and reputation are at stake.

This narrative development is especially interesting to consider when the history of the Democratic Party, at least during the tail end of the Cold War when the new left took over its ranks, purposely downplayed the threat of Russian influence on American culture and politics. When Russia was under the brutal regime of atheistic communism, it was the political left that jeered right-wing fear mongering about Russia. The counter to the Cold Warrior narrative was to say that it was imbued with a politically motivated schema in pursuit of the acquisition of power so that a specific cultural agenda might be implemented. Now that Russia seems to be in the middle of a resurgence of Christian influence, the leftists in the opposition party have now adopted the very plot they used to mock as factually challenged and ideologically motivated – Evil Russia wants to take over the world and bring down American democracy.

So why has this become the narrative of the Democratic Party? Is it merely motivated by surface level politics energized primarily in the pursuit of power, or is there something else going on?

My suggestion is that it is both a narrative constructed for the purposes of reacquiring political power, but also, to counteract the potential loss of secular cultural hegemony before it is superseded by a reinvigorated Christian resurgence in American institutions.

To state this position bluntly, the Left hates Russia because it is rediscovering her ancient Christian roots through a revived Eastern Orthodoxy and her ancient rite. This is ultimately why the regressive left fears a Western alliance with Russia – they do not want a similar resurgence of a Christian awakening to unite against the atheistic hegemony of secular “values.” A renewed Western Christendom united with a reinvigorated Eastern Orthodox Imperium will smash the culture of death dominating the current world order.

The Trump presidency will not be the salvation of America or the West, but it opens a path for Catholics to build on this momentous event that shattered a multitude of leftist cultural strongholds. One of the most deserved casualties among the tactical arsenal of leftist cultural demagoguery is the perpetual ad hominem attacks and derogatory labels slung at their opponents. Shouting “racist,” or “sexist,” or “homophobe,” or “Islamophobe,” or “xenophobe,” or whatever, no longer has any impact on those critical of the leftist political agenda because they have been vacuous accusations from the beginning. No one cares about what they are being called by these ideological maniacs because the truth cannot be stopped by poisonous attacks motivated by a vicious hatred for reality. If we have the courage to face this diabolical opposition, then victory is within reach. To be sure, such a victory is not going to happen overnight, within the next year, or maybe even in our own lifetime, but the course can be established for a historic triumph.

To secure a traditionalist cultural conquest, we must think in terms of generations, not election cycles.

So this is why the left hates Russia, and it helps to explain their recent political motivations. It may end up being a massive tactical failure, but at least there is an identifiable political reason for such a maneuver in their newly established narrative.

But an important question that follows this analysis is why do so many on the right hate Russia? Why is it that the establishment right is so entirely committed to another Cold War, which could quickly turn into a deadly military conflict? Simply stated, it is because they are heedless ideologues. The heedlessness is fueled by a reckless ignorance of political, historical, and cultural realities existing in the various nations throughout the international community. Movement conservatives have pushed an ideology that rivals the delusion of their secular progressive adversaries. Every argument the right has against President Putin and Russia are silly talking points that have zero affiliation with political reality.

“Putin is a thug!” So what. Stalin wasn’t a very nice guy, but we allied with him against a common enemy.

“Putin is a despot!” And?

“Putin is a dictator!” And that is relevant because?

“Putin invaded Ukraine!” What does that have to do with our national interests or national security?

“Putin is bombing Aleppo!” I wonder if we have bombed any countries in the Middle East in the last 40 years?

“Putin has killed journalists!” To quote the realist President Trump, do you think we are so innocent? The G.O.P. has all but deified President Lincoln who purposely smashed the journalist activities running contrary to his invasion of the South. In their view, the total destruction of the South, and the body count that followed, was a virtuous endeavor upholding the propositions of America’s founding documents. These same Lincoln acolytes will clutch their pearls upon hearing the claim against Putin that he may have given a hat tip to offing a couple of journalists. This is not to justify political motivated killings, but a sense of proportionality may assist the political right when directing their faux-outrage at a foreign leader of a nation that ought to be our ally on many military and cultural fronts.

The bottom line is that those on the right, such as the “false one” Mark Levin, have jumped on board an ideological narrative heading full speed into the wall of reality – which is the fact that unilateral military hegemony cannot withstand the interests of diverse national identities existing throughout the world. The United States can recognize this diversity, unite as co-belligerents against a common enemy such as ISIS, or continue down the path toward the dissolution of the American secular liberal empire. My prediction is that the wall of reality will ultimately prevail because pride always comes before the fall.


– Lucas G. Westman


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