With Each Day Comes A New Error

The amount of error prevalent in society and the diabolical schemes used against the Church can often become overwhelming to confront. It becomes additionally difficult when Catholics themselves have internalized the message of their enemies; so not only are we facing grave error externally, but internally as well.

I have come across two recent discoveries, which I admit may not be new to everyone else, that have really bothered me lately.

The first discovery is that apparently, there is a big charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church, which is an integration of the dangerous practices of the Pentecostal denomination into Catholic spirituality. I find it disturbing that some Catholics seem really excited about this movement. When I first starting to truly seek Christ I attended a Pentecostal church. God, however, had different plans for me and would not allow my attendance to be permanent. When noted charlatans such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and numerous other health and wealth prosperity heretics began to be promoted as God-fearing preachers, my spiritual radar quickly went up. Moved by the grace of God, I eventually travelled far away from this false Christian revival.

The charismatic evangelical culture is not one that should be integrated into the life of the Church. When truth is mixed with error, it is always the truth that will suffer. And it is because of this fact that Catholics ought to seek the conversion of Pentecostals into the true mystical body of Christ, rather than ally with them. It is only then that the so-called charismatics will experience the mysteries of divine revelation.

Second on my list of recent discoveries is the realization that there are Protestant academics trying to separate the term “Catholic” from the Roman Church so as to proclaim denominationalism to be the true expression of the catholic faith. On this view, to be “Catholic” is heretical, while being “catholic” is commendable. This maneuver is really troubling to me, and diabolical in a lot of ways. The saying surrounding this new little “c” catholicism is that those of Rome are “Roman” but not “catholic.”

And unfortunately, while the Church is debating matters that have been settled for a millennia, her enemies continue to relentlessly attack.

To begin with confronting the errors of Pentecostalism, here are two great homilies on the issue. I have listened to both multiple times and there is not a single misrepresentation offered in definition or description. The bottom line is this, when Catholics do not have the genuine faith being preached and taught to them by the hierarchy of the Church, they look elsewhere for a spark. This external spark, however, can only lead further away from authentically revealed truth.

On the Errors of Pentecostalism:

The following homily covers the gift of tongues, which is characteristic of the Pentecostal movement. The Priest giving the homily not only exposes the false understanding of tongues among those Pentecostals looking to deceive souls, but also articulates a true understanding of what this charismatic gift has meant in the context of the history of the Church.

Charismatic Gifts: The Gift of Tongues:


– Lucas G. Westman

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