Confronting Progressive Radicalism

GuillotineIn order to properly confront attacks against the pillars of the Catholic faith a familiarization with specific types of literature is necessary. If we are to adequately rebut claims against the existence of God we ought to know the arguments being utilized for the task. If we are going to suitably defend the sacrament of marriage then we need to know the philosophical influences seeking to redefine this fundamental institution necessary for a flourishing society. If we are going to defend innocent life in the womb we must understand the varieties of philosophical theories undergirding the ideas of personhood and “rights” looking to justify the surrounding culture of death. If progressive gender ideology is going to be refuted then we must study the applicable literature on the topic. When we are in possession of the relevant information concerning the philosophical positions of our adversaries, we can then proceed to smash these errors to pieces with the arsenal of Gospel truth.

Two of the most vociferously audible opponents of the Catholic worldview in our secular culture concerning these issues mentioned above are atheists and the progressive left (or do I repeat myself). It would be prudent, then, to get acquainted with the philosophical corpus informing their positions. The material is thoroughly painful to read, but it is useful to know the arguments of our opponents so their errors might be exposed. However, the mere categorization of “erroneous” or “mistaken” does not adequately capture the magnitude of these attacks on reality, morality, and orthodoxy. The sophistic absurdities have much to offer in shock value, but very little when it comes to rationality.

Consider some of these statements found in the progressive leftist anthology – Oppression, Privilege, & Resistance: Theoretical Perspectives on Racism, Sexism, and Heterosexism:

“We can usefully define patriarchy as a set of social relations between men, which have a material base, and which, though hierarchical, establish or create interdependence and solidarity among men that enable them to dominate women. Though patriarchy is hierarchical and men of different classes, races, or ethnic groups have different places in the patriarchy, they also are united in their shared relationship of dominance over women; they are depended on each other to maintain that domination.”[1]

“The material base upon which patriarchy rests lies most fundamentally in men’s control over women’s labor power. Men maintain this control by excluding women from access to some essential productive resources (in capitalist societies, for example, jobs that pay living wages) and by restricting women’s sexuality. Monogamous heterosexual marriage is one relatively recent and efficient form that seems to allow men to control both these areas. Controlling women’s access to resources and their sexuality, in turn, allows men to control women’s labor power, both for the purpose of serving men in many personal and sexual ways and for the purpose of rearing children. The services women render men, and which exonerate men from having to perform many unpleasant tasks (like cleaning toilets) occur outside as well as inside the family setting.”[2]

“The penises exist; the male sex does not. The male sex is socially constructed. It is a political entity that flourishes only through acts of force and sexual terrorism.”[3]

“We live in a world divided absolutely into two sexes, even though nothing about human nature warrants that division. We are sorted into one category or another at birth based solely on a visual inspection of our groins, and the only question that’s asked is whether there’s enough elongate tissue around your urethra so you can pee standing up. The presence or absence of a long enough penis is the primary criterion for separating who’s to grow up male from who’s to grow up female. And among all the ironies in that utterly whimsical and arbitrary selection process is the fact that anyone can pee both sitting down and standing up.”[4]

“That value system is the ethics of male sexual identity – and it may well be the social origin of all injustice.”[5]

“We believe that so long as the white race exists, all movements against what is called ‘racism’ will fail. Therefore, our aim is to abolish the white race.”[6]

“For a woman to be a lesbian in a male-supremacist, capitalist, misogynist, racist, homophobic, imperialist culture, such as that of North America, is an act of resistance. (A resistance that should be championed throughout the world by all the forces struggling for liberation from the same slave master.)”[7]

Within these limited references exists a concept of men as dominating oppressors, an attack on monogamous marriage as an institution of economic control of women, the identification of the family unit as a social structure limiting the freedom of women, male dominance as a diabolical social scheme motivated to exploit and demean the value of women, the ethic of male sexual identity as the fountainhead of all social injustice, an explicit impetus to abolish the white race, and the promotion of lesbianism as a form of resistance against an alleged cultural slave master.

This anthology of essays is informative when considering the nature of progressive radicalism infecting the institutions shaping our culture. We see this kind of fanatic relativism everywhere in society, but it has not been adequately confronted because its institutionalization has rendered the doctrines invisible. The above are not reasoned positions; they are zealous assertions marketed as a philosophically cogent liberation from an allegedly oppressive society. To the contrary of their suggested cogency and ability to liberate the human soul, these fanatical statements are the manifestations of what occurs when reason is abandoned and a festering hatred for reality becomes actualized in the psyche of a progressive revolutionary.

The ideological dialectic of metaphysical materialism and postmodern relativism is not an attempt to understand reality, it is looking to subvert and control it while eradicating those traditions standing in the way of the Utopian imagination. When forced to confront the wellspring of truth found in the Mystical Body of Christ, an insatiable bloodlust rises to the surface of this demonic system of malicious dogma. The historical record testifies to the certainty of bloodshed when evil ideologies are forced onto unwilling populations. The revolutionary implementation of economic Marxism resulted in an extraordinarily massive body count. Progressive gender ideology informed by the tenets of cultural Marxism continues to harvest an unrivaled annual cycle of human sacrifice at abortion clinics. According to the dictate of feminist autonomy, babies must continue to die in their mother’s womb so that women might be free from the oppression of an ill-defined patriarchy.

Catholic theology, philosophy, and apologetics is more than simply defending the tenets of faith against heretical theologies and fallacious philosophical reasoning; it is a defense of reality itself created by the one and true Triune God. So understood, the defense and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ amounts to a life and death matter. Where Christ reigns as King, humanity flourishes. Where Christ is attacked, mocked, and ignored, human misery exponentially increases. To counteract the culture of death the Gospel of Life must be proclaimed without edited redactions. Let us all echo the words of St. Paul, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is the power of God for salvation to every one who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith…”[8]


– Lucas G. Westman

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2 thoughts on “Confronting Progressive Radicalism

  1. Many devout Catholics, encountering cultural Marxism, in its violence, nihilism, and indifference to reality, have striven to come to grips in basic logical or metaphysical terms, with this phenomenon. In this context, must recommend close reading of two text, which more than any other, actually explain the mentality informing cultural Marxism. The Russian mathematician I. Schafarevich alienated himself from the Communist Party by writing “The Socialist Phenomenon”. He traces the Utopian rage though revolutionary Protestantism, e.g., the Hussites, the Anabaptists; back to a refusal of the human condition itself; finally to a desire toward death. The Polish scientist Michael Polanyi in his magnum opus “Personal Knowledge” studies the common features of fascist systems of the thought, in their inhuman totalitarian drive, to what he terms “the dynamo-objective coupling”, in which religious and transcendent striving becomes separated from its roots in God’s Love for Man, and its source is re-located in some human ideology.
    So the atheist Freud was wrong! It is not the denial and displacement of sexual striving that causes major human evil, but rather the denial and displacement of religious striving; of the very Love of God!
    Polanyi’s “Personal Knowledge” underlines the essential importance of Duns Scotus’ metaphysical intuitions. He shows that all human knowledge, and thus all human experience, is based in what Duns Scotus termed “intuitive cognition” and what Polanyi calls “personal knowledge”. It is the rationalist dislocation of knowledge into pure abstractive cognition that is the basis of so many disorders of Modernity, according to Polanyi. Scotism is indeed deeply rooted in the verities of human experience-

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