The Rise of Islam

“The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was the counterrevolution against modernity which should have been launched by Vatican II. The desexualization of the culture which Cardinal Ottaviani proposed in the preliminary documents of Vatican II was derailed largely as a result of the efforts of people like Joseph Ratzinger, as he himself admitted, in collaboration with the German and American bishops.

From the Catholic perspective, Islam has always been the scourge of God, which is to say, a divinely ordained corrective punishment for the decadence of Christianity. As early as 1518, Dr. Martin Luther had identified the Islamic faith as the ‘scourge of God.’ For the rest of his life Luther believed that the Muslims were God’s punishment upon a sinful Christendom that had, among other sins (ingratitude, toleration of wicked sects, worship of the god Mammon, drunkenness, greed, and the split of Christendom which had provoked His wrath), tolerated the papal abomination. Muslims would function as Germany’s schoolmaster who must correct and teach the German people to repent of their sins and to fear God. The Catholic antidote to decadent Jewish movies was the Philadelphia boycotts of 1933; the Islamic antidote was burning the movie theaters down in Tehran in 1979. What could have been accomplished by the Church ended up being accomplished by the scourge of God when the Iranians drove the Shah from the Peacock Throne in 1979 and created their own Islamic counterrevolution.

And so to answer the question proposed by our symposium, What is Islam?; Islam is the scourge of God. Islam always arrives on the scene when Christianity has failed. It burst into the world scene in the 7th century when Egypt and North Africa were riddled with Nestorianism and other heresies. It swept away the last remnants of the eastern Roman Empire in 1454 when Byzantium, riddled with Neoplatonist magic, rejected the unity achieved by the Council of Florence and fell to the Turks. Suleimann the Magnificent swept away the Hungarian army under Louis II at the Battle of Mohacs and would have taken Vienna in Luther’s day if Christendom hadn’t rediscovered its unity at the last moment.

It is now time to stop complaining about the ‘Council of the media’ and to admit that the arrival of Islam in the deracinated public housing projects of Bradford the suburbs of Marseilles is a function of the failure of Christianity – the Reformation first of all, which has now played itself out as support for Gay Marriage and the on-going extinction of England, but of the Catholic Church as well, which has been more interested in dialogue with the Jews than evangelization. The arrival of Islam on the scene is the sing that God has run out of patience with lukewarm Christians who do nothing to preserve the social and moral order from soul-destroying decadence of the sort found everywhere in Europe and, mutatis mutandis, America as well.”

– E. Michael Jones, Islam and Logos


– Lucas G. Westman

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