A 5-Step Program For Totalitarian Government

5 Step Program For Totalitarian GovernmentDespite rhetoric promising to drain the swamp, the march toward totalitarian centralization of American government continues on with the Trump administration. The proposal to replace the disastrous Affordable Care Act, as well as the massive congressional budget deal, indicates a commitment to the ongoing trend which perpetuates the cultural monopolization and profligate spending so characteristic in Washington. In addition to the continued centralization of America’s domestic policy, President Trump has moved away from his non-interventionist America first proposal in foreign policy, potentially outsourcing this area to the generals in command of the military.

This is quite the dramatic turn from the governing program outlined during the campaign, especially since all of these shifts in policy took place in the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. His most devoted followers refuse to acknowledge the defeat delivered to Trump’s ambitions at the hands of the globalists and the deep state bureaucracy, but the fact remains that the promises he ran on, indeed, those that won him the election have been left unfulfilled. There is no wall, hence no border security. The Affordable Care Act could potentially be replaced with an equally disastrous health care plan that is in actuality a tax cut masquerading as a policy change. And the strained relations with our international rivals have only increased in their intensity based on a foreign policy direction Trump promised to reverse, rather than prolong. The Democrats are positioning themselves as the resistance, and they are winning against a G.O.P. holding majority power in Washington.

More important than these current events, however, is understanding how this centralization process continues without being questioned or even remotely slowed down by any person holding political power. There is a 5-step process that is taking place right before our eyes, and its ultimate end is the subjugation of the American people.

How radicals take control of government, society, and culture in 5-steps:

1. Movement radicals infiltrate and acquire positions of power in the institutions shaping our culture, which leads to radicals of the same mind and spirit pursuing and acquiring positions of power in the government.

2. The radicals who have previously infiltrated the institutions which shape the culture mold and influence society in a specific moral direction in readied preparation to receive the political agenda created by those who have acquired power in government. The radicals who have acquired political power utilize the image of a real or alleged social grievance. The grievance is then packaged as being a problem created either by an action of the government or through a scenario where the government should have acted but failed to do so.

3. The societal grievance is marketed as a violation of specific rights against an identified group whereby a mob clamoring for democratic action demands that the injustice be solved by governmental action.

4. The radicals who have acquired power in the government create legislation to remedy the real or alleged scenario with a centralizing program resulting in the diminishing of legitimate freedoms, and create a path toward the total eradication of freedom at the communal level of culture and society.

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4. Those radicals of the same mind and spirit who have acquired the position of opinion molders and cultural agitators champion the legislation passed by the radicals in the government as a success. Although it is considered a success, the path toward centralization is not complete because the legislation does not entirely solve the problem, and in fact may even increase the severity of the problem so that the mob demands more democratic action resulting in further centralizing legislation, which is created and passed by the radicals pulling the political levers of power.

This program of radicalization in politics results in a government that is totalitarian in nature, and all other legitimate spheres of authority in the societal hierarchy – family and local communities closest to those families – are now considered enemies of progress. Moreover, state governments become nothing more than redundancies because they transform into agents of the centralized totalitarian government being run by sociopathic revolutionaries. The surrender of state governments to Leviathan is accomplished by bribing state officials with tax funds that have been expropriated from the very  people these representatives are meant to protect against totalitarian ambitions.

This process is exactly what we are witnessing with the health care laws that have been passed over the last decade. The bill created to replace the Affordable Care Act is not a solution to the problem; it is a step toward a totalitarian system of centralized health care. If it passes the Senate, and is signed into law by President Trump, the ensuing chaos will most likely result in a sweeping change in power and the Democrats will push a single payer system until the G.O.P. surrenders – which they do every single time. By the time this takes place, the people will beg the totalitarians in power to fix the problem, a problem that was created by the radicals in the first place.


– Lucas G. Westman

NOTE: This 5-step process is outlined in the book, The Unseen Hand, by A. Ralph Epperson.

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