The Hoax of White Nationalism

The Hoax of White NationalismThe alt-right political narrative is largely a reaction to the racialist politics of the atheistic progressive left. The emphasis on racial diversity, multiculturalism, the demonization of the mythic entity of “white privilege”, and the invented pseudo-Platonic metaphysical form of “whiteness” has naturally created a dialectical counterpart in the “White Nationalist” movement. The reactionary alt-right markets themselves as awakened Europeans who have discovered their true heritage, culture, and identity. This identity is linked to being a member of the white race. On this view, European heritage is reduced to the accidental feature of skin pigmentation. And this is supposed to be a motivating and powerful narrative against the progressive antifa enthusiasts. One might notice, however, that when the alt-right and antifa cultures clash there are a lot of white people fighting in the battle.

The fact that white identity is ignored when the alt-right and antifa collide exposes the transparently futile suggestion that racial ideology is enough to unite a community and culture. It suggests that being white has a prepackaged cultural distinctiveness and philosophical worldview embedded in the genes of the individual. This is entirely incorrect and introduces a kind of materialistic determinism in the development of culture, which is then expressed through some variant relativistic moral praxis.

The most significant error of the alt-right narrative is the idea that European heritage can be reduced to a collectivized genotype. The predominant European tradition isn’t the discovery of racial categories imbued with various cultural characteristics; it is the religious inheritance of the Catholic faith.

Christendom is the true European identity.

This historic truth demonstrates something important for a culture that is trapped in a dialectical hall of mirrors – unity can only be established under the Catholic banner of Christ.

Let’s say the alt-right were successful in carving out a section of society for whites only. Does it follow that this racial accord would entail a unified culture which share in the same values and beliefs expressed through common civil and religious actions? Not even close. The pluralism would be just as extensive as it was prior to the collectivization of white people into a single community. White people can be atheist, religious, or pagan; they can be moral degenerates or have a deep commitment to the virtues of chivalry; they can be sexual revolutionaries or puritans; they can be backstabbing schemers or hyper-loyal stoics. The bottom line is that “white” isn’t a worldview. Ask 10 white people what their worldview is and you might get 10 different answers.

The flimsiness of a racially constructed worldview falls apart when it is realized that true unity is deeper than skin-color.

Consider for a moment the inheritance of a truly Catholic identity united in common cause for the reestablishment of Christendom. The Catholic worldview brings with it an organic unity that transcends the racial categorizations of modern society. Under Christ the King there is, “One body and one Spirit; as you are called in the hope of your calling. One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all.”[1]

The depth and richness this biblical truth brings to the human communal experience surpasses everything the secular world has attempted to create in order to replace the majestic throne of Christ. Among the endless parasitical ideologies masquerading as political anecdotes for the sacred tradition of the true Church lays the idol of secular autonomy. Replacing the revelation of the imago Christi is an endless array of theories posing as scientific solutions for the rejection of the Triune Creator. Instead of finding harmony in the Mystical Body of Christ, our godless materialistic culture has molded society into an organism conditioned to search for solidarity in economic, gender, sexual, or racial classifications. When these classifications fail to impart a meaningful realization of the human desire for transcendent meaning nihilistic relativism is often the next path taken.

“White Nationalism” is just another idolatrous political creed pursued by those who would rather bend their knee to the golden calf than to Christ the King. It isn’t race that divides a nation; it is sin. It isn’t race that can heal a nation; only the Gospel can do that. The emptiness of this movement, or any movement for that matter, which denies the Kingship of Christ inexorably leads to an endless abyss of dialectical identity crises.

Our identity, men and women made in the imago Christi, is only fulfilled when the grace of God prompts us toward the realization of our cruciform theosis.


– Lucas G. Westman

[1] Ephesians 4:4-6 (Douay-Rheims)

2 thoughts on “The Hoax of White Nationalism

  1. I’m a little late to this post, and encountered it through a web search.

    Let’s say the alt-right were successful in carving out a section of society for whites only.

    What would you say to the argument that the reason for this section of society is because the identitarians don’t see a space for them? They’d argue that there are many anti-white messages and multiculturalism made it difficult for whites to have pride in their heritage.

    Does it follow that this racial accord would entail a unified culture which share in the same values and beliefs expressed through common civil and religious actions? Not even close.

    How do we know that? A lot of people don’t see a problem with the lack of a unified culture under a whites-only society.


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