Baby Charlie Sentenced to Death

Baby Charlie Sentenced to DeathThe Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children wants 10-month old Charlie Gard to “die with dignity.” The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) agrees, they also want Charlie to die. Little Charlie Gard is being sentenced to death despite the fact that there is a doctor in America willing to treat him, and Charlie’s parents have raised the money to fund the therapy. Despite these efforts, and the charitable contributions of several thousand people, the ECHR and domestic courts have other plans. Instead of allowing Charlie’s parents, Chris and Connie, to seek further treatment for their son, the bureaucrats have decreed that Charlie’s life must come to an end.

This is what happens when the state believes it is God.

The reasoning behind the death sentence, despite being dressed up in a colorful and compassionate vocabulary, is nothing more than the philosophical justification for tyranny and the culture of death that naturally follows. Descriptions of the statist utilitarian calculus as “meticulous”, “thorough”, and “reviewed” by the “highly-qualified experts” only provides further condemnation of our modernist, secularized Western Civilization. The fact that this case traveled through the hands of multiple people, experts even, exposes how deeply ingrained the depravity of nihilistic liberalism has become in the culture. Claims that continuing treatment would only further Charlie’s suffering are based on insufficient evidence and are utterly arbitrary. This is obviously the case because the experimental treatment available in America might accomplish exactly what these administrators are preventing from taking place, the alleviation of suffering without the tragic end of Charlie’s life. Instead of allowing this treatment to be administered, they have decided that death is the only way to end Charlie’s suffering. In addition to this, by preventing the option of extended treatment the self-righteous panel of “experts” is inhibiting the potential discovery of a way to treat this rare disease in a way that saves and preserves lives.

What is happening to Charlie and his parents is sickening, demented, tragic, and tyrannical.

This scenario is also a case that further exposes the liberal myths of moral and religious neutrality. These myths aren’t fallacious on the basis of reason alone; they have obvious practical impact on the lives of real people. Reason and the practical application of liberal ideology expose these myths for what they are – tyranny masquerading as freedom.

A society, and its governing institutions, cannot even in principle be morally and religiously neutral. When God and true faith are rejected in the name of these liberal illusions the metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, and anthropological void will be filled with something else. Human nature abhors a vacuum. When Christian tenets of theology and philosophy are rejected, something else must take their place. The rejection of truth invites the institutionalization of error. This void in modern society has been filled by naturalism, scientism, and neo-Darwinian reductionism. These three foundational elements of the culture have infected Western governments and the result is a utilitarian secular humanism that is fundamentally atheistic. The institutionalization of these godless philosophical pillars lends credence to the atheistic worldview that inexorably leads to moral nihilism, which in turn justifies a relativistic, ad hoc utilitarian calculus when discerning what is “good” for society.

The regime of secular humanism, which is essentially atheism, is what currently shapes every facet of Western society and culture. Those who repeat the slogans of this rule are at the very least, implicitly arguing that the value of human life should be subject to the ratiocinations of nihilistically informed bureaucrats.

Charlie Gard and his parents are victims of this regime.

UPDATE: Charlie Gard Will Get Another Chance in Court, Remains on Life Support


– Lucas G. Westman


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