A Brief Examination of America’s Two Party Political System

An Examination of American PoliticsWith a majority in Congress and control of the White House, the G.O.P. has failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is quite remarkable given the fact that the promise to repeal the ACA over the last 7 years is the primary reason why they have been able to get to this point of being the majority party at the federal level.

The reality is that the G.O.P. has never wanted to repeal the ACA because they are just as committed to centralizing tyrannical power as their democrat “rivals.”

So let’s take a brief look at what is going on with the major parties in mainstream American politics.

The Democratic Party is fully committed to institutionalizing to the furthest extent possible the tenets of sexual revolution. There is no amount of insanity and depravity that is off the table in this regard. In the area of economics they look to completely implement socialism even if it requires incremental steps in the name of whatever pet social injustice of the day advances the cause.

These are the explicit aims of the Democratic Party.

The implicit aim of the Democratic Party is to pretend that they are against the interventionist, liberal hegemonic foreign policy but do nothing about curtailing it in any meaningful way. This also includes the massive surveillance state spying on American citizens. Progressives will lament the assault on civil rights and civil liberties all day long, but the reality is that they only care about the sexual revolution. If they can get away with trading civil liberties for the advancement of political control via sexual revolution, that is a bargain they are willing to take.

The Republican Party is fully committed to advancing and exponentially increasing our foreign interventions abroad, maintain the steady growth of the surveillance state, instigating conflict with Russia and China, obeying the policy dictates of AIPAC, and selling their souls to their corporate masters in the military industrial complex. Trillion dollar wars and global military hegemony is what defines the G.O.P. Everything else is just rhetorical window-dressing to get votes.

These are the explicit aims of the Republican Party.

The implicit aim of the Republican Party is to pretend that they are against the sexual revolutionaries and centralizing domestic policy. They make a lot of noise about this or that “big government” policy, but they will do absolutely nothing to stop it from becoming a reality. In fact, once a progressive project passes into law it is almost guaranteed that the G.O.P. will not only maintain its central features, but also expand its reach into the country.

So there you have it, the two major political parties in control of governing this country and they are in total agreement in advancing the maliciously repugnant secular tyranny of American greatness.


– Lucas G. Westman

3 thoughts on “A Brief Examination of America’s Two Party Political System

  1. The good news is that the last Presidential election was informative to many Americans. Trump voters voted against the Democrat-Republican consensus policies of the last 25 years. He opposed large numbers of Ruling Class views and policies, and people elected him on that basis. They certainly did not vote to let the Republican party run the country – the know that Ronald Reagan and his ideas are dead. Now they are seeing that nothing will change. It has become commonplace to talk about the Deep State, i.e., the massive un-elected semi-permanent part of the US Government, as the real US Government.

    Become a revolutionary: Move to a small town, have a long, happy marriage, and raise six kids as devout Christians. And sell your TV set!


  2. I wonder, based on your thoughts in this and previous posts, what you would think of the Solidarity Party: https://solidarity-party.org/platform/ ? It is an attempt to align more closely (though imperfectly) with Catholic Social Teaching, in the tradition of the Christian Democratic movements of Europe and Latin America.


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