Why Are We Still Marching For Life?

Legalize LifeSince Roe v. Wade, and especially under the conservative movement solidified under the Reagan Presidency, the Republican Party has considered itself to be an advocate for the pro-life movement. Each election cycle, Christians of every variety head to the polls in order to pull the lever for the G.O.P. candidate, expecting thereby to finally end the barbaric practices of the abortion industry and finally overthrow the merchants of death in the progressive movement.

In order to secure the vote of the pro-life movement, the G.O.P. dusts off their script of pandering platitudes to fire up their base for election day.

When the Republicans are not the majority power in Congress voters will often hear the message that “We are so close to protecting the life of the unborn. We are so close to finally overturning Roe! Let’s work together to defeat the progressives so we can once and for all protect the life of the unborn.” When Republicans have not secured the presidency, a similar message is stated, “If the pro-life voters of this country keep the Democrats out of the executive office we will finally have a president who will sign a bill ending the practice of abortion in this country! Finally, every American will be able to have their right to life secured just as the Declaration of Independence proclaimed during our founding era!” And finally, if the judiciary leans progressive, voters are told to support Republicans in order to nominate conservative, originalist justices so that one day Roe might be overturned.

45 years later, and with almost 60 million dead babies, Republicans have failed to deliver on this promise.

It might be time to ask whether the Republican Party is actually an ally of the pro-life movement so that it might be appropriately discerned if their concerns lay elsewhere.

Evidence suggests that the G.O.P. is irredeemably worthless for the pro-life movement. To be sure, Republicans might have worked to end the heinous and morally grotesque practice of partial-birth-abortion and have led efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

But this is not the end of the pro-life movement. Beyond these measures the Republican Party’s silence is as deafening as it is deadly.

The goal is to restore the dignity of human life in the culture, not create a talking-points smokescreen for the advancement of party politics.

The goal is to end abortion, not slow it down.

The Republican Party currently has the majority in Congress and also holds the executive office with President Trump. Based on the campaign rhetoric the G.O.P. peddles to those in opposition to abortion, this is the situation the pro-life movement has been waiting for.

So where is the legislation? Where is the bill to end the practice of abortion in America? Thus far, all that has happened is a tax reform bill, and now immigration reform is on the legislative table.

What happened to securing the lives of the unborn who are being butchered every single day in this country?

It is important to also consider the fact that, the Democrats cry crocodile tears for the harm that will be enacted on DACA recipients if this policy is ended while simultaneously advancing with a demonic fervor the continuation of an invented right to practice child sacrifice according to the whims of liberal, autonomous choice.

For the Republican Party to pretend that they don’t have the political will on this issue is nothing more than moral cowardice. The corruption entrenched in Planned Parenthood has been exposed far beyond reasonable consideration. Every mantra of Cecile Richards and her band of Hollywood advocates has been thoroughly debunked. The brutality of abortion procedures, child sex trafficking cover-ups, sexual abuse cover ups, the inhumanity of late-term abortion, sex-selective abortion, mammogram falsehoods, medical misinformation, racially-motivated donations, and radical progressive sexual ethics have all been catalogued in recent history. These are not past abuses that have been corrected. To the contrary, this is everyday practice for Planned Parenthood.

The hard truth is that the G.O.P. is not interested in ending abortion. They are more interested in tax cuts for corporations exporting American jobs and exploiting foreign labor, open borders to suppress wages, and expanding the disastrous foreign policy interventions that have saddled our nation with trillions of dollars of debt and a perpetually climbing death toll.

The March for Life is an important event for advancing the pro-life cause. However, it is time to reconsider who exactly is an ally to the pro-life movement and who is the opposition. The Republican Party has championed itself as an ally to the cause of ending abortion, and now Republicans have secured majority power in D.C.

So why are we still marching for life?


– Lucas G. Westman

*Image taken from Live Action resources

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