Media Malpractice

The embeddedness of media malpractice in modern Western culture is beyond evidential dispute. The “fake news” meme that has been used against major news outlets is only labeling what has been the case for decades (if not all of American history). The most recent example of the fake news phenomena working to further expose the ideological ineptitude of the journalistic echo-chamber is the interaction between clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson and news anchor Cathy Newman.

For roughly 30 minutes Newman exposes herself to be utterly incapable of even engaging, let alone grasping, the categories Peterson is explaining to her. Following each explanation Peterson presents, Newman responds by making an inference to a caricature in an effort to remain comfortably safe in her psychological safe house of liberal feminism. Even worse for Newman is that every attempt to try and make Peterson look like a villain only further exposes herself as an incompetent propagandist.

While the Peterson/Newman interaction is the most recent, there have been many famous interactions between journalists and those that think outside of the media crafted talking points controlling the cultural narrative.

Below are a few of the best examples of journalists/news anchors resorting to propagandistic slogans while their interlocutors expose the intellectual fraudulence of the thought controllers:





– Lucas G. Westman

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