The Kingdom of God Must Be Defended Like Any Other Kingdom

Saint Thomas Becket - The Kingdom of God Must be DefendedThe Socratic Catholic blog has not spent much time addressing the internal politics of the Catholic Church and the Vatican. There are a number of reasons for not covering this kind of material, most of which is the fact that there are already a variety of traditionalist Catholic web pages and periodicals doing exactly this in great detail.

It seems, however, that the Church is entering into a period where a reluctance to address heterodoxy within her ranks, or even remaining silent on these issues, is no longer a realistic option. Defending the deposit of faith is an endeavor that must be undertaken when attacks come from outside, and sometimes from within. These issues of political maneuvering can also become tiresome because they are almost by their very nature so incredibly divisive. Nonetheless, confrontation seems inevitable in our current era. And while confrontation will eventually become an unavoidable reality the situation can still be handled with charity, prudence, and an eye toward unity in defense of truth.

There is a great line in the classic movie, Becket, which perfectly summarizes our situation. When facing his accusers the Archbishop says, “The Kingdom of God must be defended like any other kingdom.”

Is this not a great truth that has been all but forgotten in our time?

God can accomplish all things, but it is for our benefit that He has chosen to work through those made in His image and likeness.

We must work tirelessly to defend the truths delivered once and for all time to the apostolic Church by Christ Jesus our King. A defense of these truths is necessary against foes outside of the Mystical Body of Christ, and also from within.

The Bride of Christ is in the midst of a spiritual battle that will only be won through spiritual practices. We must pray, fast, do penance, and receive the sacraments. Reforming ourselves through a deeper conversion in Christ will allow us to more effectually proclaim the Gospel of Christ the King.


– Lucas G. Westman

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