Rosaries, Not Republicans, Will Save Our Nation

Regardless of who’s to blame, it should be clear by now that the sweeping Republican victory last November didn’t transform us into a God-fearing nation.

Despite a number of significant improvements that have come about since the last election, Americans still murder thousands of unborn children every day. Americans still publicly celebrate abominable sins. American debauchery is still exported around the globe.

Conservative victory at the ballot box has not brought about the conversion of our land, and it never will. We will never be able to change our country until we recognize both our true enemy and the means to defeat him.

That day, however, may be drawing nearer.

Last year, on October 7, the Feast of the Holy Rosary, an estimated one million Polish Catholics held a nationwide Rosary rally along the borders of their country to pray for peace and for God’s protection for Poland. The following month, Irish Catholics held a similar event for their native land, which has recently been under heavy assault by anti-Christian fanatics intent upon erasing any vestiges of Catholicism from the social order there.

Inspired by the example of their Catholic brethren in Europe, a number of American Catholics are currently organizing their own prayer event, “Rosary Coast to Coast,” to take place on October 7, 2018.

A promotional video for the event can be seen below. It is extremely refreshing to hear the organizers speak in such militant terms. They evidentially recognize—as we all must—that we are engaged not in policy disputes with those across the aisle but rather in total spiritual warfare against hell itself. This spiritual conflict pits us not against mere political opponents, but against principalities and powers. It is a total war in which no quarter will be received and none given. It’s a fight to the very end for the eternal salvation of our own souls and those of everyone around us.

If we really want to save our families, our nation, and our world, we’d do well to spend less energy in tossing around trite political slogans and instead focus more on preparing and organizing ourselves for spiritual combat on a massive scale. While Catholic participation in the political sphere is still important, it’s crucial that we look beyond politics and see the spiritual reality behind the situation we are facing today.

Though the current state of things is grim, to say the least, heaven has given us a powerful weapon in the form of the Rosary. Numerous churchmen and saints have given testimony of its efficacy. “Give me an army praying the Rosary,” said Bl. Pope Pius IX, “and I will conquer the world.”

The October 7 “Rosary Coast to Coast” event will be an excellent opportunity for serious Catholics to take to the field of battle and do combat against the enemies of Christ, Our King. Those who are interested in registering to lead a contingent can do so at


– Nicholas Kaminsky

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