The Propitiatory Value of the Mass

hanc igiturLife for a Catholic in the 21st century can be a little discouraging, to say the least. A glance at any newspaper reveals that in our day, nearly every conceivable evil is not just accepted but openly celebrated. Indeed, it would seem there is no level of debauchery to which mankind is incapable of falling.

Just one example of the sorry state we have reached is the recent “God bless abortion” movement, promoted by the likes of comedian Michelle Wolf. Her “humorous” diatribe celebrating the wholesale slaughter of innocent children is enough to make any decent person sick. And abortion, with a death toll of over 60 million in the United States alone, is only one of a whole host of evils that plague our country and our world. In addition to this ongoing atrocity, there is also unspeakable blasphemy, rapacious greed, grisly murders, human trafficking, political corruption, and an unprecedented variety of sexual perversions.

All of this is enough to weigh heavily on any person of good will. Our society is completely saturated with sin. Despair can be a natural reaction. After all, what can we ever hope to do in the face of such evil? How can we possibly hope to combat such incredible wickedness?

As hopeless as the situation may seem, there is a very encouraging answer to this question. As bad as our times may be, God has provided us with a superweapon for use against the forces of darkness, and that weapon is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Mass is something that can easily be taken for granted. While most of us attend every Sunday, I think we often forget just how significant and powerful it really is. The Mass is the exact same sacrifice as the sacrifice of Our Lord on the cross being re-presented in an unbloody sacramental manner. As such, it is of infinite value. As a propitiatory sacrifice, one Mass is enough to atone for all the sins of the world—the abortions, the murders, the blasphemies—all of it.

Each time we assist at Mass, we stand at the foot of Calvary and actually witness the perfect sacrifice of Our Lord on the cross. That sacrifice is more than sufficient to atone for every evil of our own day, as well as for all the evils that ever were or ever will be committed throughout the entirety of human history.

The Mass is by far the most powerful means we have of combatting the forces of hell. Going to Mass on Sundays shouldn’t be something that we do simply out of habit. Assisting at Mass is an act of spiritual warfare, and one that we should carry out as often and as reverently as possible, for the salvation of souls.


– Nicholas Kaminsky


2 thoughts on “The Propitiatory Value of the Mass

  1. If the silent majority does not stand up to defend its rights or show its disapproval, it will never stop.
    As Catholics our mission is not to be a lambs for slaughter… it’s to spread the gospel. How do we do this if we silently allow these despicable acts n evil behaviour. Satan is behind all this!!
    Stand up for Christ 🙏🏻


  2. Is norvos ordo valid upon having knowledge of the Tridentine holy sacrifice, Anibal bunninz, contingent that parishes that have Tridentine are far away?


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