The Augustinian Argument for the Existence of God

I have been spending time highlighting arguments for the existence of God presented by Edward Feser in his book, Five Proofs of the Existence of God. Thus far, I have covered his presentation of the Aristotelian and Neo-Platonic arguments. The third argument presented by Feser is the Augustinian proof. Here is the Augustinian proof, which … Continue reading The Augustinian Argument for the Existence of God

Augustinian Participation & Divine Illumination

Augustinian philosophy has three primary principles: interiority, participation, and immutability.[1] For now, I would like to highlight the second principle of participation and the theory of divine illumination flowing out of it; and to do this I will quote Johannes Quasten’s explanation at length, “2. The second principle which enters into the essential nucleus of … Continue reading Augustinian Participation & Divine Illumination

Philosophy as Prayer & Praxis – St. Anselm

“Come now, insignificant mortal. Leave behind your concerns for a little while, and retreat for a short time from your restless thoughts. Cast off your burdens and cares; set aside your labor and toil. Just for a little while make room for God and rest a while in him. ‘Enter into the chamber’ of your … Continue reading Philosophy as Prayer & Praxis – St. Anselm

Genealogical Narratives & Their Villians

The competing genealogical narratives explaining the advent of secular modernity are vast. Some of these interpretations of historical progression into the cultural, social, economic, and political reality we now find ourselves living consider such developments to be a good thing. Other interpretations cast a negative light on the secular modern instinct. Most often these narratives … Continue reading Genealogical Narratives & Their Villians

Saint Augustine on Beatitude & Goodness

"The striving after God is therefore the desire of beatitude; the attainment of God is beatitude itself. We seek to attain God by loving Him; we attain to Him, not by becoming entirely what He is, but in nearness to Him, and in wonderful and sensible contact with Him, and in being inwardly illuminated and … Continue reading Saint Augustine on Beatitude & Goodness