The Augustinian Argument for the Existence of God

I have been spending time highlighting arguments for the existence of God presented by Edward Feser in his book, Five Proofs of the Existence of God. Thus far, I have covered his presentation of the Aristotelian and Neo-Platonic arguments. The third argument presented by Feser is the Augustinian proof. Here is the Augustinian proof, which … Continue reading The Augustinian Argument for the Existence of God

Augustinian Participation & Divine Illumination

Augustinian philosophy has three primary principles: interiority, participation, and immutability.[1] For now, I would like to highlight the second principle of participation and the theory of divine illumination flowing out of it; and to do this I will quote Johannes Quasten’s explanation at length, “2. The second principle which enters into the essential nucleus of … Continue reading Augustinian Participation & Divine Illumination

Saint Augustine on Beatitude & Goodness

"The striving after God is therefore the desire of beatitude; the attainment of God is beatitude itself. We seek to attain God by loving Him; we attain to Him, not by becoming entirely what He is, but in nearness to Him, and in wonderful and sensible contact with Him, and in being inwardly illuminated and … Continue reading Saint Augustine on Beatitude & Goodness