The Danger of Christian Complacency

Certainly not all Christians in America celebrated the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, but many did, and not without some good reason. While a Clinton Presidency 2.0 would have likely meant federal efforts to force Christian business owners, medical professionals, and educators to violate their consciences, the Trump administration, despite its many faults, … Continue reading The Danger of Christian Complacency

“Say your Catholic prayers every day, or you will lose your faith”

It’s no secret that Catholics in the 21st century are often confused and frustrated by the dismal situation in their Church. With the clergy sexual abuse scandal, high-ranking prelates participating in drug-fueled orgies, mortal sin and sacrilege being normalized, and now the apparent selling out of faithful Chinese Catholics to their atheistic, mass-murdering persecutors by … Continue reading “Say your Catholic prayers every day, or you will lose your faith”

Can Anything Stop the Good Times?

“Can Anything Stop the Good Times?” asked a recent Wall Street Journal article in which its writers went on to discuss the extremely optimistic attitudes exhibited by bankers and business executives at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Many people today are apparently asking themselves the same question. It would seem that the … Continue reading Can Anything Stop the Good Times?