It’s Time to Stop Compromising with Satan

Belle Plaine, Minnesota is a town of just under 7,000 residents, yet this past year it found itself in the national spotlight due to a religious controversy that has become an all-too-common story. This past summer, some of the town’s residents, with the city government’s permission, erected a memorial in a park dedicated to military … Continue reading It’s Time to Stop Compromising with Satan

Political Revolution is Covert Psychological Warfare

How is it that the victories in the culture war are so one-side? It seems that for every one or two battles that don’t go in the win column for the political revolutionaries, there are a dozen others that take more territory in their favor. Christians routinely speak of losing the culture and that we … Continue reading Political Revolution is Covert Psychological Warfare

Virtue Signaling Inc.

The downward spiral of movement conservatism into an abyss of political and cultural irrelevance is accelerating at a staggering rate. The election of President Trump exposed the hopeless futility of contemporary conservatism, and as events continue to unfold during Trump’s tenure, the dialectic of “tradition-lite” has morphed into an industry of perpetual virtue signaling. The … Continue reading Virtue Signaling Inc.

A Brief Examination of America’s Two Party Political System

With a majority in Congress and control of the White House, the G.O.P. has failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is quite remarkable given the fact that the promise to repeal the ACA over the last 7 years is the primary reason why they have been able to get to this point of … Continue reading A Brief Examination of America’s Two Party Political System

Peter A. Redpath on Metaphysics, Science, & Wisdom

"4. Why recovering a proper understanding of metaphysics is essential to restoring a proper understanding of philosophy, science, and their essential relation to wisdom. In my opinion, the disembodied reason of Descartes, the depersonalized, collectivist reason promoted by Rousseau, and the anti-contemplative reductionism of modern and contemporary physical ‘science’ falsely-so-called are foundational elements of the … Continue reading Peter A. Redpath on Metaphysics, Science, & Wisdom

Christopher Ferrara’s Judicial Thought Experiment

In the article, A High View of Justice?, I argued that the interpretative theory mainstream conservatives utilize when reading the constitution has significant flaws, "This gets to an important point concerning these competing views of constitutional jurisprudence. A primary problem with the conservative view is that they seem to adhere to a jurisprudence that does … Continue reading Christopher Ferrara’s Judicial Thought Experiment

Traditionalist Political Realism & Modern Political Agendas

Those who are committed to truth will eventually move towards traditionalist political realism, and those moving toward traditionalist political realism will inevitably begin to recognize the certainty of concrete political agendas. Traditionalist political realism is a view that is totalizing in nature. It is informed by a theological commitment to the Social Kingship of Christ, … Continue reading Traditionalist Political Realism & Modern Political Agendas

Pagan Rome & Neo-Pagan America

The opening paragraphs of Diane Moczar’s book, The Church Ascending, say this, “What do you think the following passage describes? 'Once upon a time, there was a country. After a revolution in which it overthrew the rule of a foreign king, it became a small republic. Its religion was simple, emphasizing republican virtues such as … Continue reading Pagan Rome & Neo-Pagan America

Catholics on the Court: Then and Now

“All-male, all-Roman Catholic majority on Supreme Court puts religious wrongs over women’s rights.” Thus read an advertisement which appeared in the New York Times in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and other employers who objected on religious grounds to providing their employees with various forms of birth control. The obvious insinuation of … Continue reading Catholics on the Court: Then and Now

Baby Charlie Sentenced to Death

The Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children wants 10-month old Charlie Gard to “die with dignity.” The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) agrees, they also want Charlie to die. Little Charlie Gard is being sentenced to death despite the fact that there is a doctor in America willing to treat him, and Charlie’s parents … Continue reading Baby Charlie Sentenced to Death