Bonaventure, Scotus, Newman

This lengthy passage is taken from The Newman-Scotus Reader, contained in the essay titled, Scotus and Newman in Dialogue by Peter Damian Fehlner: "Frequent reference in this conference to theological-metaphysical views of St. Bonaventure as a basis for understanding those of Scotus and the many parallel patterns of thought in Scotus and Newman, obviously implies … Continue reading Bonaventure, Scotus, Newman

Marian Metaphysics

"This invocation may serve as the introduction and conclusion of this study: Mary is the Mother of Faith, and therefore the Magistra theologia par excellence, the model and guide and final support of all who study or teach about God. Without her love and active involvement in our lives, and a corresponding love and unconditional … Continue reading Marian Metaphysics

St. Bonaventure’s View of Natural Law

“The eternal law is the ultimate rule or measure of all human activity. Augustine identifies the eternal law with God’s wisdom. He writes: ‘That law which is named supreme wisdom cannot be otherwise understood than as unchangeable and eternal.’ This identification of the eternal law with divine wisdom and thus with the divine mind has … Continue reading St. Bonaventure’s View of Natural Law

St. Bonaventure: Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows O most holy Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the overwhelming grief you experienced when you witnessed the martyrdom, the crucifixion, and the death of your divine Son, look upon me with eyes of compassion, and awaken in my heart a tender commiseration for those sufferings, as … Continue reading St. Bonaventure: Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Philosophy as Prayer & Praxis – St. Bonaventure

The Journey of the Soul into God Prologue In the beginning I call up that First Beginning from whom all illumination flows as from the God of lights, and from whom comes every good and perfect gift. I call upon the eternal Father through the divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, that through the intercession … Continue reading Philosophy as Prayer & Praxis – St. Bonaventure

Saint Bonaventure on the Source of Sacred Scripture

“Scripture does not take its starting point in human inquiry; rather it flows from divine revelation, coming down from the Father of lights (Jas 1:17), from whom every fatherhood in heaven and on earth receives its name. It is from him, through his Son, Jesus Christ, that the Holy Spirit flows also into us. It … Continue reading Saint Bonaventure on the Source of Sacred Scripture

Apologetic Method & Intellectual Neutrality

Over the years I have grown skeptical of claims stating that there exists a completely neutral methodology when inquiring into any field of thought. We can strive to be as objective as we possibly can, but at the end of the day there will never be a purely neutral framework from which we do our … Continue reading Apologetic Method & Intellectual Neutrality