The Praetorian Guard, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and Michael Flynn: Dangerous Precedents

On the first day of my Ancient and Medieval Civilizations class, I always ask my students why we study history. One of them always replies that if we don’t learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it. I think this is true. I also think that we as a people never learn from … Continue reading The Praetorian Guard, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and Michael Flynn: Dangerous Precedents

The Failure of Misesian Praxeology

In order to combat positivist methodology in economics, Mises attempted a Kantian turn in his understanding of praxeology. He tried to do for economic laws what Kant did for the laws of logic, space and time, and the Newtonian understanding of the cosmos. So construed, according to Mises, we can have apodictic certainty of the … Continue reading The Failure of Misesian Praxeology

Warriors of the True King

“As the living embodiment of the light of the nations, the ekklesia now offers to the world the promises of the God of Israel: salvation, justice, peace, and safety, as the prophets envisioned them. This offer of God’s salvation to the nations stands in stark contrast to the counterfeit offers of ‘peace and security’ from … Continue reading Warriors of the True King

Political Realism & the Presidential Election

Everyone knows my views on this election season. I have been consistently critical of both Mrs. Clinton and Donald Trump. I have also consistently criticized the foreign and domestic policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans. In addition to the puerile crudity of the political discourse, our democracy has been exposed to be thoroughly … Continue reading Political Realism & the Presidential Election

Roger Scruton on the Filial Tie

“Consider the other side of family loyalties. We are apt to think of children as having a responsibility towards their parents, a responsibility that in no way reflects any merely contractual right, but which is simply due to the parents as a recognition of the filial tie. This sense of obligation is not founded in … Continue reading Roger Scruton on the Filial Tie

The Power of the Media

The political motivation undergirding the journalistic analysis of our political figures creates the environment of extreme subjective biases rather than objective reporting committed to the necessary virtue of personal integrity in the pursuit of truth. This is an unfortunate state of affairs because the power the media has over the psychological demeanor of a citizenry … Continue reading The Power of the Media

Debating Abortion & Public Policy

When debating the legality of abortion with an atheist there is often a rhetorical sleight of hand that takes place. Instead of framing the debate as a disagreement on the moral and legal treatment of the unborn child, the issue becomes a conflict between secularism and religion. The atheist may argue that the pro-life position … Continue reading Debating Abortion & Public Policy